The Essential Jacques Demy: Lola (1960)

Lola is above all a reflection on the fragility of love, expressed through the transient nature of each character’s trajectory—almost everyone is on the move, recently arrived, or about to leave. Each happy moment is undercut by a sense of its ephemeral nature: Frankie and Cécile’s blissful time at the fair is followed by their separation, Lola’s being swept away by Michel at the end contains its own demise as she wistfully glances at Roland walking in the other direction. While the other New Wavers tend to situate their lovers very much in the present, Demy places his in the shadow of the past. [x]

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Cinéastes de notre temps: Luis Buñuel (1964) 

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ph: “courage fuyons”


A young Grace Kelly.

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A sample of a sticker series I’m making of Marina and The Diamonds! 

They will be on sale as soon as i finish them all. I’ll put the link on this post once i’m finished!
Enjoy! <3

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Models as party girls: The night is young; let’s have one more cigarette, one more flute of champagne. This photo from Vogue Italia September 1994 doesn’t mention names, but from left to right they look like Carla Bruni, Nadege, Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer. All dresses by Lancetti.

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Psychosocial - Brooke Fraser


My favourite artist is back after a four year hiatus. Loving ‘Kings and Qveens’ and the ambience it creates. Definitely one to be played a loud through proper speakers!



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